Who Am I?

Hey y’all, I’m Diagonal Lee. At least that’s the name I’m trying to make happen. I live in Michigan and draw and paint stuff in my free time. Mostly birds smoking cigarettes. I try to keep it classy!

Whatever I do, I hope it makes you chuckle just a little bit. You know, like a mustachioed twenty-something with a latte and scarf noting the hidden meaning of a swan old before her years popping out of a coffee cup in a sidewalk cafe. Pro tip: it’s not ironic, it’s just silly!

Anyway, you can email me at diagonalcomics@gmail.com for:

  • Commissions
  • To stock my stuff in your store (consignment or wholesale)
  • To tell me about your Nigerian prince father who’s dying wish was to get that fortune out of the country
  • To license my art for your comedy or country club
  • Fashion tips
  • Networking
  • Or just to say hi